About Us

Maruthi Trading Company was established in the year 1995 at Madurai,( A city for Handloom Sungudi  Cotton Sarees ) just to do business as Agency Operations  but with 25 years hand on experience, it was registered as a Manufacturing Company in the year 2015. Then it was registered with GST Registration and Export Import certification. The Production and Sales was started with simply 5 customers in the year 2015 which gradually increased to 125 Resellers all over the World. Today our Madurai Cotton Sarees and Silk Sarees are mostly liked by so many customers in USA, Canada, London, Australia, Malayasia, Srilanka, Singapore, Sharjah and Mauritius. We concentrate on developing new design sarees every month to satisfy all age women. We also produce Cotton sarees as per Customer's requirements. Our Saree quality with most affordable rate  and prompt delivery are the main reasons for our customer's growth.

We dedicate our whole hearted thanks to all our customers for their continued support and trust they have on us and we will keep our words and promises always for the fullest satisfaction of our customers.








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